Prepping Your Home for Sale

family home

With just a few simple changes, you can ensure your home is in its best shape to catch the attention of potential buyers. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

The front door greets your buyers. Make sure it is clean and painted with a fresh coat of paint that makes it stand out. Also, buy a new welcome mat.

Curb Appeal is crucial! Keep lawn trimmed and free of weeds. Prune the bushes and add new mulch – it’s amazing how fresh mulch will help spruce up your yard.

Let some sunshine in. Remove any draperies and blinds that darken your home. Dark rooms are not appealing.

Illuminate your space. Replace old burned out bulbs with LED daylight bulbs.

Remove Clutter. Put away knick-knacks and all paperwork.

Organize your Closets. Messy and over-packed closets appear to lack space. Pack excess linens and clothes away to make closets look bigger.

Clean out your garage. Consider getting a storage unit to store non-essential items/tools.

Make Repairs. Take care of any minor defects, like squeaky doors/sticky windows, lose knobs and warped cabinets doors.

Clean Everything! From ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, make every surface shine.

Balance between clean and lived-in. Although we don’t want to have an overly personalized home, having a few personal pictures and personal items can help make it feel welcoming. Place a small plant on the living room table, a vase with cut flowers on the dinner table or a basket of fresh produce on the kitchen counter.

Call me for recommendations on how to stage your home for prospective buyers. This is part of my expertise and I’d love to help.


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